Microblading is a form of tattoo artistry that involves a manual method of implanting pigment into the skin with a handheld tool instead of a machine to produce hair strokes that mimic your brow hair.

The results on average last around 12 -18 months depending on your skin type, if your skin is dry your results may last longer then those with oilier skin. Microblading doesn’t use a machine so ink will not be implanted as deep into the skin as a tattoo would be.

The process takes around 2 hours to complete.

Once the procedure is completed your brows must dry heal for 2 weeks – no washing them, swimming, sun beds, fake tan, sweating or makeup. They must be kept dry and clean.

6 weeks after your first appointment your brows will be fully healed and ready for a retouch. Your brows will then last 12-18 months (on average) before they require a colour boost.

A patch test is required prior to the treatment and cannot be performed on anyone that is pregnant or breastfeeding.

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